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My name is Maria and I’m a product designer based in London. Oh, I’m also in my last semester of doing graphic and media design at LCC, which makes me an almost graduate!

I most recently interned as a product designer in Shazam. Before that I was a graphic and web designer at SoftUni - a Bulgarian startup centred around education for software engineers.

I love what I do so much that I spend a majority of the day/week in front of my laptop designing or improving on my skills, whether it’s at my home station or at a coffee shop in East London. However, occasionally I like to travel the world and post about it on Instagram.

I have a strong dislike for messy design files and uppercase letters. Currently learning about design systems and exploring the possibilities of React.js

For more information about my work, or if you just want to chat please reach out to me at or drop me a line on LinkedIn

Instagram @merriechristopher & @merriedesigns

Twitter @merriechrstphr