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Monzo Design Exercise

Monzo Design Exercise

November 2018, Time Spent: ~10h

Monzo — the bank of the future. A bank that works with you, for you. Until…“After a crazy night out, Monzo’s CEO has decided to pivot the company from the financial market to the far more interesting field of kitchen appliances.”


The Goal

Design the companion iPhone or Android app for the revolutionary Monzo next-gen smart oven. The app should “work”. Your design must get to a point where engineers could start putting together an MVP. It should be able to support any reasonable actions an oven user might want.


* * *

Goals & Tasks

Secondary Goals:

  1. Check on the meal while cooking.

  2. Turn off the oven at any given time.

  3. Know when the oven needs cleaning.

User Goals: 

  1. Cook the meal.

  2. Know when oven is done pre-heating.

  3. Know the progress of the cooking process.

  4. Adjust timer and/or oven settings.

Secondary User Tasks:

  1. Change the settings, if they are not suited to the meal being cooked.

  2. Go and check on the meal to see if cooked.

User Tasks:

  1. Set up the oven (mode, temperature, timer).

  2. Set a reminder.

  3. Take out the meal at the right time

* * *

Understanding the User

User Pain Points

  1. Not understanding what the settings do/mean.

  2. Forgetting about the meal in the oven.

  3. Not knowing if the settings are correct.

User’s Priorities:

  1. To set the oven.

  2. Keep track of cooking progress.

  3. Have an easy way of changing the settings and/or switching off the oven completely.

  4. Not to burn/undercook the meal.

User Story

When coming back home after work,I want to make dinner without worrying that I will under/overcook the meal and know when it’s done pre-heating.

While dinner is in the oven I want to be able to check on the meal, so I easily change the settings or switch off the oven completely.


Empathising with the user



  1. The user is using the app for the first time.

  2. The user has access to wifi in their home.

  3. The oven has smart sensors (dirtiness, air temperature, food thermometer, food scale, smoke detector) and a built in camera.

  4. The oven can heat up from the top (0-500W), bottom (0-1000W) and has a fan (0-500rmp).

  5. The oven can automatically set up a suggested cooking time based on the sensor data.



  1. There is no functionality to save or load past settings.

  2. No ability to opt out of push notifications.

Trade Offs

  1. The user does not need to log in or create a user account.

    • The top priority of the user is to set up the oven and cook dinner, which does not require a user account.


* * *

App Flow

  1. The first time the user uses the app, they are presented with a short on boarding flow to familiarise themselves with how it works.

  2. Next they are required to scan a code on the oven in order to connect to it.

  3. The first task is to select a mode and set a temperature and timer for the oven.

  4. Once that is done, the user is taken to the main tracking screen, from where they can perform secondary actions such as switching on/off reminders, changing the settings, adding/reducing time remaining, live viewing the dish or switching off the oven completely.

  5. When the dish is taken out, the oven automatically switches off.


* * *

Low Fidelity Wireframing


Layout exploration

Layout exploration

Connect to Oven

Scan QR Code

Scan QR Code

Set Oven / Settings

v1 - Set oven on one screen

v1 - Set oven on one screen

v2 - 3 separate steps to set oven

v2 - 3 separate steps to set oven

Main Screen

Initial Explorations of the main screen

Initial Explorations of the main screen

Further Exploration of the third version

Further Exploration of the third version


From this ideation & iteration process I managed to get a feel for what I want each screen to look like. Furthermore, for the next step I will be keeping in mind that this is a product developed by Monzo, so I would like to keep it visually consistent to the original banking app.

  1. Having all settings on one screen could be a little bit overwhelming. Separating them into 3 separate screens will not slow the user down significantly and will provide for more space for each setting.

  2. The exploration of the 1 screen option for setting up the oven might work well for adjusting the oven settings when it’s already cooking.

  3. The radial display of temperature is closest to Monzo as a brand.

  4. Sometimes people have to i.e. go to the grocery shop to pick up a missing ingredient and will forget the oven on. That’s why an accessible Turn off button is needed.

  5. Needs a simple way of switching the timer alarm on/off and a better way to look into the oven (use the camera)


* * *

High Fidelity Wireframing


Set Oven

Settings Process

Settings Process


  1. Preheating


Final version

Final version


3. Change Settings

2. Cooking



In App Notifications

In App Notifications

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

* * *

Interactive Prototypes