Merrie's Portfolio

SoftUni Graphic & Web Design


February 2016 - October 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria

The mission of SoftUni is to provide high quality and affordable education in the IT and digital world, creating future professionals and future leaders, contributing to a dream, Bulgaria - the Silicon Valley of Europe. I joined the team back in 2016 as their first in-house designer.

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Company rebrand


When I first joined Softuni, Software University was the main brand. A few months later, Softuni Digital was introduced and branded. Fast forward a year Softuni had expanded to 5 brands. I had the task to create a master brand identity, but while developing it I realised the whole system is broken and the current designs do not work with each other. So I initiated a rebrand of all 5 brands to create a unified system based on a graduation cap - the initial symbol Software University used.



The new branding uses a simple symbol for the master brand and a variation of it, depending on the focus of the academy, for all of the sub brands. Not only did this system unify all 6 brands, but also laid the foundation for future brand expansion. Since the rebrand in 2017, SoftUni has expanded with 2 new brands, which were seamlessly integrated into the current ones.



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