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You Have Been Binarized Poster Series

You Have Been Binarized

Poster Design, Graphic and Media Design Year 2 Typo Hacker Project, individual


The aim of this project is to create either an intervention, a hack or a reapproriation of an existing typographic system using the language, structures and medium of typography in order to create change within a social context.




Ideas Generation:

The first step in my process was to understand what a system can be and what type of systems I might be interested in researching further. Starting from the definition, I went on to create a simple mind map exploring possible systems and analyzing if they would be a good fit. I decided that the computer code system is something I would want to develop further. The next step was to figure out what to do with it.I went through different types of computer code, but decided to take binary further. Its construction and very emotionless/limited usage looked like a great opportunity to hack.

My initial idea was to create a visual representation of binary code that didn’t consist of 0s and 1s. I started looking into modular typefaces and other shape based ciphers and languages.


Typeface Development

Looking at 1s and 0s as a “+” and “-”, I developed 6 possible typefaces consisting of different shapes, lines and negative space.


Outcome Idea

I had a lot of ideas, which I felt worked to some extent, but they were lacking context and purpose. I started going back to my initial research. I took on the idea of using it to create a PIN in a way, concentrated on using that PIN to create something personal that would humanize the otherwise plain binary.  

My initial designs included creating an isometric illustration based on my personal PIN. Then I decided to create a series of 2 diptychs to show contrast and individuality amonst people.

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 10.53.42.png

Final Outcomes